What is this Challenge all about?

Police Scotland is committed to keeping everyone in Scotland's diverse communities safe. We are developing a new strategy setting out what the service will do to respond to violence against women and girls. This strategy will contribute to our mission, keeping people safe. 

We want to work together with the people of Scotland to identify the things that will make a difference and play our part in wider societal efforts to make Scotland a safer place for everyone.

Police Scotland develops strategies that support what we do to improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities.

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How can we all, individually and collectively, ensure Scotland is a safe place for women and girls? What do you think Police Scotland can do?

We want our new strategy to make a difference. We are inviting you to share ideas about what Police Scotland can do within and with Scotland's communities to end violence against women and girls. The following questions might help get you thinking about your own ideas.

You do not need to answer these questions directly, they are here to get you thinking about your ideas: 

  • How can Police Scotland make a difference?
  • How is your community working together to end violence against women and girls already?
  • What is needed for a society and culture where women and girls live free from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and harassment?

Take part

  • You may like to look at some of the ideas we have initiated or existing ideas with the highest rating or most comments 
  • Have a read through other’s ideas on here before contributing your own as it might be that your ideas have been covered
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  • If you think a good idea is missing, click 'Add Idea' to submit it; we're keen to hear many new ideas.

What happens after I post?

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You have until XXX 2022 to feedback

This dialogue will be open in the first instance until 10pm on XXX 2022. In addition, you can participate in our Your Police survey to share your views about policing at any time.

We expect a high level of engagement and request that you are patient and try again later if the site becomes slow or temporarily unavailable. 

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