Journey Mapping

Using all of those effected parties in real life examples to map end to end how they have been effected by violence, to identify points of intervention. 

Using those points of intervention to identify opportunities for third parties, government agencies etc... and by discussing with effected parties design what is required to end cycles. 

Also, learning and development for our communities on what to do if they see something, what are the trigger signs and where to go to report any suspicions. Comminutes are eyes and ears moving around daily life often oblivious to what happens behind closed doors but all employers,community groups etc.., should take responsibility for ensuring staff have an awareness of say CPS, controlling behavioural signs, etc... 

Why the contribution is important

We hear of stories which are terrible and tragic however you never hear what we have learnt, what is going to change and who is responsible. It's about using these stories and not only highlighting failings of agencies but going back to the victims and the perpetrators beginnings to understand where we can improve to save lives for the future.

by RTJ1640 on July 30, 2022 at 06:04AM

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