Awareness and One to One Support

I think that many women do not even realise that they are in abusive relationships ( intimate or family relationships). I think the awareness of what abuse is and the types of abuse is essential. This is even more important with more subtle types of abuse such as emotional abuse which can lead to physical abuse. Disregard and disrespect is where violence may start. Social media, organisations and schools and college/ universities should raise awareness and even work with organisations that can do this. 

When women become aware, it's essential that the support is there for them from agencies that are ways to access. I can think of a handful of agencies in Scotland that are either at capacity or too busy to assist. We need more agencies such as womens aid or agencies specific to BAME women  to assist and offer ongoing support. It's not a one stop thing. The support needs to be ongoing for a while. The police should have a referral system to such agencies. 

The police should also receive bespoke training on abuse and violence and the root cause of this. 

When domestic abuse is reported to the police it's also important that the full circumstances are investigated and time is taken on the case as opposed to a open and close case. 

Why the contribution is important

Women are at risk everyday and it's a huge problem in society that is also affecting children. The cycle of abuse should be broken. Women should be encouraged and supported to break the cycle. 

by amerdeep on August 16, 2022 at 06:53PM

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