Do not excuse abuse

Do not excuse abuse by saying it is "mental health" of the perpetrator that made them do it. Investigate fully and educate yourselves that mental health does not make an abuser abuse! Be aware that abusers will use this as a tool to get them out of what they have done. 
perhaps police officers could attend some sessions of recovery groups for victims and see the "reasons" that were given for abuse by abusers so that they are aware of what to look for. 

Why the contribution is important

I called the police on my ex as he had threatened and attempted to kill me in my car. A young officer was one of a few who had attended and convinced me that my ex had ptsd from the armed forces and that's why he had done this to me. 
He advised I should take my ex to hospital , I did as I was told and had to spend the night at the hospital getting help for the abuser my ex. He didn't get a charge for this and saw this as permission to carry on abusing! I felt cast aside and left to just get on with it whilst my ex got help from a service the police provided of a mental health worker attending daily for the next week! 

by Scoobydoo101 on October 25, 2022 at 06:50PM

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