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I think you could involve local martial arts groups to encourage female participants of ALL ages. My mum put me to Judo as a child. I hated it! She said it was for self defence at the time. There were abductions on the tv constantly in the 80's!! It must have been a scarey time to be a parent! 
But in the end it became a positive and it gave me fitness, confidence and self belief that in a situation I could stand a chance of fighting my way out.
If clubs could encourage girls and women only classes maybe or even booking incentives to get females to go along. Even mother daughter nights? Just to give the self belief that we can do it! I don't do martial arts now but I'd love my daughter to do it and have the courage to know she could try to fight off an attacker if she were ever in such a predicament. 

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Us females need to stand a chance from any would be attacker. 

by KRitchie73 on July 12, 2022 at 07:16PM

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  • Posted by SusanEdinburgh August 15, 2022 at 13:22

    I love this idea. I just want to add that even mental strength training could be added to this. If you carry yourself in a way that shows no fear or intimidation that can often help. All animals sense fear and will attack the fearful. Tapping into the inner/ mental strength would be useful as well.
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