Recognise different types of violence; disrupt perpetrators using a victim-centred approach

Recognise and address the many different types of violence, and work with partners to identify, manage and disrupt perpetrators using a victim-centred approach
  • Consider all types of violence against women and girls, recognising hidden harms and types of abuse that are often missed (honour-based abuse, FGM).
  • Introduce and develop specialist units and training programmes for certain types of VAWG (e.g. stalking/DV) to ensure that a consistent, victim-centred and high quality service is provided.
  • Relentlessly pursuing perpetrators may not be a suitable approach for all types of crime. Therefore, a victim-centred approach must be adopted in our pursuit of perpetrators, ensuring that the safety of victims is prioritised.
  • Improve partnership working across all agencies (Govt., health, education, local authorities) to recognise hidden harms and ensure that crimes, such as honour-based abuse, are not lost across multi-agency systems.

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This idea is from a stakeholder seminar hosted recently by Police Scotland and key partners. It relates to suggested Outcome 2 - Preventing harm

by InsightEngagement_PoliceScotland on September 22, 2022 at 01:52PM

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