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There should be a review on how social media platforms can make learning about unhealthy relationships and abuse safer and informative without providing false information or unrealistic expectations which could be damaging.

The Rise Report by Womens Aid- discusses the affects that social media can have around the perceptions of healthy and unhealthy relationships and found a split in opinion. Some said it has a positive impact and some saying it is more negative than positive. Women suggest that it can be positive in teaching about what unhealthy relationships are, however, it can also advertise unrealistic expectations for healthy relationships from people creating the perception that their relationship is ‘perfect’, and not showing that they can be complex. Overall, the report gives insight on the impact of social media on relationships and abuse, and suggests that platforms and services should review what can be done to combat the negative effects and perceptions created on the platforms.

Why the contribution is important

As social media is so highly used in society and by young people, it is so important to understand the negative impacts it could be having on an area such as violence in relationships, and to try find a way to ensure that the information being given on social media platforms is safe and not damaging to young people. 

by InsightEngagement_PoliceScotland on August 02, 2022 at 04:44PM

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