FYI (Fun, Young and Involved)

Summary of idea

This funding will help cover salary costs for support staff for our Teens Group. We would like at employ another staff member. For group sessions government ratios for people aged 9 - 12 years dictate one adult to eight children and 13 - 18 years, one adult to ten children. At present we have 2 staff with up to 20 children attending each of our groups, but 75% of the children have and additional need ADHD or Autism which makes running the groups very challenging. This has been verified through their registration paperwork. We have started to limit the numbers to 10-15 per session due to these challenges but would like all to be able to attend. At our groups we offer free snacks, e.g. hot dog rolls, beans on toast and a hot drink. This to ensure they have a meal are not going hungry.

Amount requested 

£3,000 (the total amount available for all ideas is £32,000)

Name of organisation

Ormlie Community Association Ltd

Where this will take place


Why the contribution is important

Each application for this fund is to meet the criteria set out by the project Steering Group. More information about the project and the Steering Group is available here

The idea will support the following broad theme(s) to make a difference locally:

  • Safety and wellbeing - including mental health: Making sure that everyone in Caithness has the chance to lead safe, healthy, active lives.
  • Poverty and inequality - including tackling cost of living, fuel poverty and transport: Reduce the harms caused by poverty and inequality, and improve dignity for anyone experiencing poverty.


How to vote 

  • Anyone can vote on as many or few ideas as they like 
  • We are using stars to cast votes and you have a maximum of five stars for each idea 
  • The more stars you give an idea, the more you support it
  • For example, if you really like an idea and want it to receive funding, you could give it five stars
  • You don't have to vote for everything but we would encourage you to explore all ideas
  • The ideas that receive the most votes will be successful until all of the £32,000 is spent.

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