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UNCRC and Children and Young Peoples Human Rights

We have based this work around children and young peoples rights.

Sessions have enabled children and young people

  • Understand children and young peoples rights and how they relate to their own lives.
  • Understand how they feel about their own community and the changes they would like to see.
  • Create a visual map of the community using words and pictures.
  • Give feedback about what changes need to happen to enable them be the best they can be.

Sessions have looked at the following rights (UNCRC Articles)

  • The right to be safe
  • The right to have your voice heard and taken seriously
  • The right to be able to meet with friends and participate in groups
  • The right to relax and play
  • The right to privacy and respect

You can find out more about UNCRC at this link: UNCRC Rights

Each of the feedback sections have links to specific UNCRC information relating to the articles that are relevant to the statement.

Some other support you might be interested in accessing:

Get in touch with Youth Highland if you want to get more actively involved in issues affecting young people in Highland

Why the contribution is important

What you think can make a difference!

Make sure your voices are heard!

You can change what happens next!  

You can do this by voting on ideas and issues on this page and adding any new ones of your own.

Feedback from young people will be reported to the local Community Action Group.

The Community Action Group is a group made up of people from local community organisations who are coming together to improve the area we live in.

We will also support a group of young people take these issues to people with power who make decisions about our community – including elected members and people who work in the council and other agencies and organisations.

We are looking for more young people to get involved – so if you want to be a part of the group get in touch.

If you have any questions of if you would like to be involved in the Community Action Group, please email

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