Reporting and Collecting Protocols

A coordinated reporting system for victims to log any suspicious activities or ongoing harassment; which does not necessarily involve an immediate Police response. This is something the Police tell victims of abuse and stalking to do - i.e. keep a diary of incidents - but there is no professional framework to support this and it would be good if a timeline could be officially recorded somewhere for everyone's benefit.

Why the contribution is important

Victims can be put off making calls to Police because they are told "nothing is criminal" or can be done about a situation; but it is often part of a much bigger picture and offender profile - a lot of abuse goes unrecorded and unnoticed because of the difficulty in communicating with authorities. The victim may also be stressed and overwhelmed so a system to facilitate the easy transfer of information would be beneficial to all parties ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked. 

by Jane on September 21, 2022 at 04:28AM

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