Society as a whole would benefit from changing cultural beliefs which are prevalent in the UK. All males need to be taught so many things. Let's begin with emotions and how to deal with them. It is ingrained in our society that boys don't cry, can't be sensitive, studious or quiet....they must by raucous, sporty and laugh off all situations no matter how hurt they actually are inside. They are bullied if they do not conform. Males must be taught to respect each other and how to move away from the macho culture which is an integral part of both school and working life. Our society produces many  males who are not capable of sensitive, controlled behaviour. It is often women who near the terrible brunt of this behaviour. So men and boys need to be taught how to treat each other and women too. Let's look at the source of all this bad behaviour. The majority of violent crime is perpetrated by men, work needs to be done to stop this and it begins at nursery school age. Nursery education is important for everyone but especially boys. Women and girls need to be taught that they should never tolerate a man treating them  with anything less than perfect respect and that they do not need to tolerate violence.  
Also, there are many countries with much lower rates of violence against females....what are they doing differently? What can we learn from them ?

Why the contribution is important

Punitive sentencing does not work. Statistically,men who attend anger management courses etc. , re-offend. By the time they reach adulthood, the opportunity to mould these men into better people has been lost, their learned behaviour is now established. 
This violence and misogyny MUST be stopped and it begins long before males reach adulthood. We must look at the perpetrators and see how they can be stopped, as opposed to advising the victims how to avoid being a victim by changing their behaviour. Men need to stop being violent towards women and each other.

by Zxzxzxzxzx on July 13, 2022 at 01:58PM

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